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Car Hire In Alicante, Spain
Car Hire Tips by Doug Smith

So you want to hire a car in Alicante and cruise the countryside while warm Spanish breezes caress you at every turn. Before you can tour the balmy coastal villas and groves and historic cities of Spain, you need to hire a car.

Take the time to research and prepare as described below, and your trip to Alicante (or anywhere else in Spain) will be a lifelong memory.

If you are planning visiting Alicante, Spain, you have picked a great place to drive. As you know, Alicante is a beautiful Spanish coastal city with plenty to see and so a car hire in Alicante is an excellent choice.

There are numerous places that will cater to car hire in Alicante. Most of them are in the city at the train stations and airports. It is highly recommended that you avoid the airport's rental facilities if you are on a budget.

The car hire offices at the train station charge less than the airport, with the downtown rental offices being generally the most economical.

If you're coming from the United States, be sure to have your driver's license, international license, and even your passport available. These documents are often required for a car hire in Alicante (or anywhere in Europe).

Furthermore, consider bringing your auto insurance policy if it provides coverage for rental cars in foreign lands. If you have an accident, having this on hand may help you in ways you cannot anticipate now.

When seeking a car hire in Alicante, purchase the optional auto insurance. Nobody expects to get into an accident, yet when it happens you always regret having not paid a few Euros more for this necessary service, right? This will give you peace of mind as well so that you may continue to enjoy a worry-free trip.

Expect a wide range of automobile makes and models to choose from when hiring a car in Alicante – including American and Asian makes. There are also numerous extra features that can be reserved for an extra price.

The majority of these extra features can be obtained by simply reserving the vehicle in a timely fashion. Some of these features include: baby and child seats, booster seats, roof racks, air conditioning (do not always assume that a car will have this feature), and yes, an automatic transmission. Learn to drive a stick shift (manual) transmission just in case the car you hired is not available.

When getting a car hire in Alicante, be sure to cover everything during the reservation process and ensure that nothing is left to the last minute.

If you intend to have other people drive the rental vehicle, make this known at the time you make the reservation. Additional drivers may cost a small additional fee.

There are other considerations, such as gasoline prices. The price of fuel is nearly twice as much in Europe as it is in the States, so be prepared.

You can save money by getting a diesel-fueled vehicle. It's still more expensive than in the States, but cheaper than other forms of car fuel.

Make sure that you know how much free mileage you get, and what the additional fee is if you exceed that amount. Such fees usually amount to a few cents per kilometer. Extra mileage fees can add up quickly, so plan your trip accordingly.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for any extras, like maps or concierge business cards from different hotels and restaurants. With a little extra assistance here and there you'll save money that can be spent on your vacation, not on fuel.

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