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Car Hire In France
Car Hire Tips by Doug Smith

Should you, as an American, visit France? Will your friends and neighbors laugh and ridicule you for doing so? Maybe. Don't postpone your trip based on what others might think, or based on political reasons.

You will be missing out on some of the finest food, most picturesque countrysides, and historic countries in Europe. Get out your passport, and do a car hire in France. Here's why.

Today, Americans are faced with the dilemma of travel. As Americans we are told that we don't travel enough, that only 10 percent of us own passports, that we make such idiots of ourselves when we leave the country, and more.

It is time to uncover a few falsehoods on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

On the other side of the coin, Americans want to travel. Many people desire to visit France. Due to political reasons, they are told they shouldn't travel to France. First, let me just say Go! Get your tickets, and reserve a car hire in France. There are very few beautiful places more suited to the tastes of Americans.

You say that the French are snobs? It is their country and they can act as they please (just as you do in your own country). However, the overwhelming majority of the French people are not snobs, and don't even like French people who are snobbish. There are uneducated Americans who attack foreign visitors either verbally or physically.

As Americans, we don't consider ourselves snobs, right? You still haven't called to make a car hire in France? Still not convinced?

Let's look at the history of the United States and France. When Americans were fighting England's King George III for our Independence, the French gave us aid financially, with ships, and with imports. They went bankrupt and people starved in the streets of Paris helping us.

As a result, the monarchs subsequently were beheaded for the funds that went to the rebels in America. Don't forget the Statue of Liberty and the French troops that died in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Okay, let's back away from politics for a second, and just talk about France, because the point's been made. With a little research, you will see the truth in these statements.

Let's discuss better things. France is beautiful, filled with beautiful people wanting to make your trip pleasant. They have some of the best wines, cheeses, and walking avenues known to mankind. Still thinking about car hire in France? Good.

Call up or log on for a little car hire France style, get a vehicle, and experience the Parisian highways or if you please, a little more bucolic get-a-way in the French countryside.

You will find the country people outside of the city of Paris to be everything from friendly and curious to generally harmless.

With car hire in France you will be privy to driving wherever your heart pleases, including into Belgium and Germany if it pleases you (and is acceptable with the car hire France company, of course).

There is a lot to see and do, and you'll have such a great time that you'll forget your own previous suspicions and take another trip to Napoleon's homeland.

Okay, so only 10 percent of Americans have passports. Our country is so incredibly large that we are too busy trying to experience before we can visit other countries. Then ask your newest French acquaintance if he or she has been to the States? No matter the answer, you may just make a friend.

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