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Car Hire In Ireland
Car Hire Tips by Doug Smith

If you are planning to visit Ireland, car hire is surely on your mind. In Ireland you should find this a painless and joy-filled experience, with a little forethought and preparation.

Get online or on the phone as quickly as possible because, depending upon the time of year you go and your destination, the best deals are gone quickly.

In Ireland car hire is most easily done when you have an international driver's license plus your normal driver's license. This is a requirement of most companies that rent automobiles.

You will want to take the insurance policy that is offered, usually for extra money. The Irish are rather sensible drivers but you just never know, right?

Insurance should consist of the CDW and TW Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Waiver. Often, your insurance company that covers your personal car back home will cover rentals abroad, or even provide additional coverage, so this is worth looking into.

Additionally Ireland car hire often offers you breakdown coverage and bond coverage if you should be arrested for some reason.

Look into the amount of taxes that may have to be paid, and, and for encrypted web pages when submitting credit card information online. If the rental company cannot assure you of these minimum safety features, do not deal with it.

Unless money is not an issue, avoid renting from a company near the airport. Their prices are almost always much higher compared to car hire companies located farther away. Beware of hidden prices in the contract. The only way to do this is to request a copy of the contract before agreeing to anything.

Scan the contract for anything you don't like. Be sure to live up to any conditions that you've agree to. Of course, make sure that you are also signing the same contract that you originally read. A single change in the contract could come back to sting you.

If you are booking from North America be prepared for some disappointment. While not true on the whole, there are Ireland car hire companies that wish to rent only to Europeans particularly those of the European Economic Union.

This provides a safety net for the companies, lest something adverse should happen to one of their cars.

Remember also that mileage is not always unlimited, nor are extra drivers always allowed without additional costs. With a little research, you can find a discount or two on the web that may defer some of the rental costs, likewise.

Upon receipt of your vehicle, examine it for any scratches or defects and ensure that these are listed on your contract or at least with the company, so that you will not be charged for these defects when returning the vehicle.

Lastly, enjoy yourself. Ireland is a grand place to visit, because it is one of the prime destinations of Europe. Feel free to ask information of the Ireland car hire company with whom you do business.

Often they will provide you with maps, hotel and restaurant recommendations, and other tourist interest that will be of much help. Enjoy your stay!

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  • International E-road network - a network of roads in Europe, numbered E1 and up. They cross national borders and are the responsibility of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).
  • Taxi - generally a form of transport where one pays for conveyance based on the time or distance traveled. Example: taxicab.
  • Auto insurance - a common form of insurance and may cover both legal liability claims against the driver and loss of or damage to the vehicle itself.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage (Comp) - insures against the cost of purchasing a new vehicle if it is stolen or destroyed in a fire.
  • Souvenir - an object that is treasured for the memories associated with it.

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