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Car Hire In Italy
Car Hire Tips by Doug Smith

What do you get when you combine the Indianapolis 500, a NASCAR stock car race, and a demolition derby? You get the driving conditions you can expect when you do a car hire in Italy.

Once you get there, however, you will find that there is a method to the Italian traffic madness. Hire a car in Italy and join the fun, using these helpful suggestions from a native Italian driver.

So you want to get a car hire in Italy? If you are not Italian, you may just be crazy. Have you actually driven in Italy? You know, the country where the drivers scare even Germans accustomed to driving 200 kilometers an hour (about 125 miles per hour or mph) on the Autobahn.

Actually, though the drivers in Italy are truly scary and the motorcyclists there seem to have a death wish, in reality the facts are not nearly so daunting.

The average Italian driver is raised in this atmosphere. He sits in the back seat as mama and papa drive at breakneck speeds to make it to church or the supermarket on time.

When Italian boys get about 14 years old or so, they get their first Piaggio or Vespa and start cruising around the piazza like they are motorcycle stunt doubles. By the time he hits 20 or 30 years old in some cases, Junior is onto to better things: cars.

When you get a car hire in Italy, you'll see him. He's in all of those cars honking at you because – even though you're speeding, you're going far too slow for the average Italian driver. Whoever taught you to slow down when taking a turn? In Italy, drivers accelerate!

But not to worry! When you get a car for hire in Italy, you'll see the madness, the turmoil, and the chaos all around you. And yet…you will see few accidents. Not many more (or less) than you would see in England or the United States.

Remember that our typical Italian driver was raised in this traffic chaos, breathes gently in the chaos, is part of the chaos. It's almost a Zen thing. Spaghetti Zen.

Someone once said that in a mad world, it is the sane who are the insane. Normalcy, by whatever subjective term you give it, is after all, relative. Join the madness. Go to your computer, and reserve a car for hire in Italy. Come to the lighter side of madness.

Come to Italy, and get on the road. You'll never be the same again. Step on that gas pedal. Get used to the feel of horsepower under the car hood. This is Italy.

Be sure to get insurance and pray a lot. Pray a lot, and get insurance so that you don't have to pay a lot if you wreck your hired car. Don't run over any old ladies down. If you really need to drive like Italians, make sure you know what you're doing. And get insurance, like I said. Lots of it.

Buona fortuna. Good luck. Have fun. Return safely. Don't worry - Italian driving is not as bad as it looks. Really.

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