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UK Car Hire
Car Hire Tips by Doug Smith

If you're looking for hire car in the UK, you will have little problem providing you simply know a few basic things. First, nearly any sort of vehicle you can imagine is available. Everything is available from 3 door economy cars to the big daddy, 7 and ton commercial vehicles.

Consider these factors when flying into Britain. For one, what hour will you be arriving? If you are coming in at an odd hour of the night, this could prove problematic, though rarely.

Likewise, many hire a car UK companies will wish to know the flight number of your departure flight. Without this, again, there could be problems.

Do not worry. All of this will be covered when you reserve a vehicle. This should be done well in advance, preferably a month before the time that you need your vehicle.

This doesn't mean that reservations cannot be made for hire a car in the UK, only that your choices diminish as you get closer to your departure time.

In addition to this, you have more options concerning extras, and the possibility of discounts. Extras include such trivial items as baby booster seats, car seats, vehicles with automatic, and diesel powered vehicles.

Of course, if coming from abroad, have all of your paperwork, like your driver's licenses including domestic and international, and any supplemental health and car insurance.

Come prepared to drive in the English Custom, with the steering wheel on the right side of the car. While a bit daunting at first, most people are able to acclimate themselves to driving in the left lane within a short period of time.

When reserving a car hire, be sure that you understand the rental contract entirely. To hire a car in the UK is simple and car companies are usually honest. Be sure to find out about any hidden costs or costs that aren't normal to your country's rental businesses.

Some features that you might consider to have included are the Theft Waver and Collision Damage Waver. As well, some extras often to be found are breakdown coverage, bail bond protection, and taxes.

Every country and area has different taxes to pay, so learn about these expenses ahead of time.

Other considerations to hire cars in UK include payment, type of payment, and cancellations. Payment is usually done online with a credit card. Before putting your information "out there" in the cyber-world, consider and learn whether or not the company with whom you are dealing has industry standard data inscription for online transactions.

If they don't, others may gain access to all of your private financial information and maybe they too will be renting cars soon.

Finally, if you are under 25 years old, you may have a difficult time to hire car in UK, so find out what the policy is first. Preparation is half the job, after-all.

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Car Hire Abroad Terms:
  • Motel - aka the MOtor hoTEL, referred initially to a single building of connected rooms whose doors face a parking lot and/or common area.
  • Travel agent - one who works in a travel agency to plan and facilitate travel for clients.
  • Damage Waiver - car hire insurance that is often offered and you should consider it. Third Party Insurance is nearly always included in the quote but you will not be covered for yourself or the vehicle. Check the terms carefully.
  • Motorway system - major freeway system in United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia (in some Australian states, but called freeway in others).
  • Legal liability - insures against claims against the driver or owner of the vehicle following the vehicle causing damage or injury to a third party.

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