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Getting To And From Malaga, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain
Car Hire Tips by Gary Ingram

Are you travelling to Malaga in Andalucia or the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain?

If you are then there is simply a bewildering choice of ways to get here. In total there are 118 different Airports from 30 Countries with direct flights to Malaga International Airport. Although there are only 2 direct flights per week from the USA, New York on a Friday & Saturday.

The cheapest and most frequent routes are from the UK. There are 23 UK Airports alone that offer regular flights to Malaga with over 165 weekly flights from the main 4 London Airports!

For those of you traveling from the USA or outside Europe I would recommend getting a cheap flight into the UK and then transferring with one of the ?No Frills? airlines to Malaga.

Below is a list of the MAIN airlines flying from the UK and I have detailed which airports they fly from. There are various other charter flights on offer in addition to these!!

Air 2000/ First Choice- Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Notts East Mids, Exeter, Glasgow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted.

Bmibaby-Cardiff, Notts East Mids, Manchester & Teesside

Britannia- Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Notts East Mids, Glasgow, Leeds, Gatwick, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Stansted.

British Airways- Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester

EU jet- Manston

Easyjet- Belfast, Bristol, Gatwick, Liverpool, Luton, Newcastle, Notts East Mids, Stansted.

Excel Airways- Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester & Glasgow

Flybe- Exeter & Southampton

Flyglobespan- Edinburgh & Glasgow

Iberia- Heathrow & Gatwick Leeds/Bradford / Manchester.

JMC-Birmingham, Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester & Stansted

Monarch- Gatwick, Luton, Manchester (Scheduled) + various other charters.

My Travel Lite- Birmingham

Aer Lingus- Cork & Dublin

If you still cant find the flight or deal that you are happy with after this then try Ryanair who fly to both Jerez and Granada (About 11/2 hours drive from the Costa del Sol).

Both Germany and France also offer an excellent selection of direct, cheap flights to Malaga if you find yourself transferring from there.

Below are 5 Top Tips for obtaining Low Cost Flights to Malaga..

You don?t have to fly both ways with the same airline

You don?t have to return to the same Airport

Fly Mid-week

Book as far in advance as possible

The Busier the Airport the better deals on offer, Manchester & Gatwick offer the largest selection of direct flights.

What?s here when you get here?

Mountains, Beaches, Nightlife, Untouched Remote Villages, 43 Golf Courses, in a word, everything.

The Costa del Sol is home to both the mass tourist industry and one of the world?s most exclusive holiday resorts, Puerto Banus, in Marbella, offering some of the most sophisticated nightlife and restaurants in Europe.

Within 2 hours of Malaga Airport (from November to March) you could be skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Skiing in the morning, beach in the afternoon, why not!

The area of Andalucia is not just about the Costa del Sol, away from the hustle and bustle you will find remote, untouched, White Andalucian Villages (pueblos) and within 2 hours of Malaga Airport are the historic and unforgettable Cities of Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz and of course Malaga itself.

My advice is to be brave, hire a car and get out and see everything you can, there really is something for everyone.

Gary Ingram lives in Marbella on the Costa del Sol and is the webmaster for that has over 300 pages of travel information about the Costa del Sol Spain.

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