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Have a Beach of a Time in Paphos Cyprus
Car Hire Tips by Peter Thornton

Flying into Paphos Airport, you may be surprised to find that the Airport is 15-20 minutes away from Paphos town centre. You may elect to take a taxi into town coerced by the many taxi drivers in the Paphos Airport hall soliciting you to use them for the drive in. Depending on what you want to do on your holiday, this may be a big mistake.

If you are staying near the Paphos City Center and are looking to soak up some rays at the beach or do some sightseeing at some point during your holiday, a better alternative may be to pick up a rental car at Paphos Airport. To get a hire car at Paphos Airport, you can do a Google search for ?cheap car hire deals Paphos? or visit car hire websites, like Vroom Vroom Vroom, that pool together the prices of all the most popular car rental companies to get a great car rental Paphos deal.

Once you have your Paphos Airport hire car, the South Coast of Cyprus is at your beck and call. If going to the beach keep in mind that most of the beaches on the South Coast of Cyprus near Paphos are quite rocky. Most people when going swimming on these beaches put on a pair of old tennis shoes, some reef shoes or some scuba shoes. If you would rather be near a beach that is sandy, you will need to drive up to Coral Bay which is West of Paphos City Centre. The road to Coral Bay is clearly marked with signs down near the Port and Seaside in the City Centre. Expect a 15-20 minute drive on a single lane highway along the coast. You will know that you are close because there are several large hotels that have their own private beaches. Don?t let this intimidate you as there are several places where the public has access to the main beach. Parking is free but make sure you lock up your car. Even if your car is a Paphos Airport hire car, you still need to lock up and not leave any personal items in plain view.

If you have small children, a very nice secluded beach is down from a Café called Veronica. You will see the café from the highway as it is designated by a large sign with a big fork and spoon on it. This beach is very well protected from surf, there are several areas where the rocks form a kind of paddling pool for the small ones. You also have the convenience of being right near a nice café that has decent food and restroom facilities.

If you do opt to rent a car, and are staying in the city centre, remember to watch the signage for where you can park overnight, where it is free and where they charge money.

If sightseeing is your thing, you can drive your Paphos Airport hire car up to Trudos Mountain. Dress warmly as even during the summer months, the top of Trudos can be quite cool?there may even be snow on the ground! You may want to visit the birthplace of Aphrodite or the Tomb of Kings. For more information on these and other tourist spots near Paphos, visit Good luck with your holiday plans in Cyprus!

Peter Thornton is the CEO of Vroom Vroom Vroom which allows you to compare global brand car hire prices side by side before you book, with no deposit and no cancellation fees. For more information visit

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