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Car Hire Tips by Doug Smith

You've heard it all over the television about cheap car hire and you want some. The deals. Whatever you can get, and why not? With a little extra knowledge you'll be fine.

There are numerous caveats to be aware of, but first the easier stuff. If you are going to rent a car abroad, the best thing is to do so long before you arrive at your destination. Print your confirmed reservation so that if there's a screw-up, you can show proof.

Reserving a car often gets you lower rates than as a walk in. When you show up tired at the rental counter with 5 bags of luggage you are more likely to pay whatever they ask for.

Also, when you reserve for cheap car hire, you've got peace of mind, which is extremely valuable.

Another thing that will save you money is not renting from a rental place adjacent to the airport. Let's face it: we all pay too much for convenience, when it's really not so very inconvenient to take a cab a couple of blocks. Most car rental places offer free shuttle service directly to their business location.

Another thing about cheap car hire rates are cheaper by the week or by the month. Inquiring about such rates is always a good prospect.

In less frequented destinations, you can often haggle with the owner or manager for these cheaper rates. Don't be afraid to bargain. In many cultures, bargaining is seen as little more than a game.

When you decide to rent a car, no matter how great the cheap car hire deal may seem, beware of hidden costs. This is in the fine print and in the contract. Sometimes a phrase here or there may seem ambiguous. If this is true (and you have printed proof), present this to a lawyer for review.

In hammering out the deal be sure to find out the loan company's policies on theft, bail bonds, collisions, taxes, breakdown coverage, and anything else that you can think of. A rather comprehensive policy is the Collision Damage Waiver.

The CDW varies from place to place, so again, you should see what is covered wherever you are going. Also, find out what your own car insurance policy says about coverage of cheap car hire. Often you will not only be covered, but receive discounts on car rental (especially if your insurance is through the Automobile Club or something of the like).

The experience of cheap car hire in your own country or abroad can be a pleasant experience, with little change in your daily routine. With a little homework and preparation, it will surely be painless and fruitful.

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  • Motorway - European highway, also called autoroute, Autobahn, freeway, autostrada, autopista, motorvej,autópálya, motorväg and autoput.
  • Roundabout, rotary, or gyratory circus - a type of road junction (or traffic calming device) at which traffic streams circularly around a central island after first yielding to the circulating traffic.
  • International E-road network - a network of roads in Europe, numbered E1 and up. They cross national borders and are the responsibility of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage (Comp) - insures against the cost of purchasing a new vehicle if it is stolen or destroyed in a fire.
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