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Wedding Car Hire Tips
Car Hire Tips by Doug Smith

That big day is arriving. Your wedding. Whether you are bride, groom, proud parent, in the wedding party, or just a good friend, you know the value of having everything just right. One aspect of this is the departure of the couple from the wedding ceremony.

How better to make this a perfect day than to have the happy couple drive away to their honeymoon in an exquisite vehicle? A wedding car for hire is the answer.

With a wedding car for hire you have the opportunity to aid the conclusion to the most important event of most people's lives.

Imagine driving away in a new Jaguar or the latest in Japanese or Italian sports cars. A Chevrolet Corvette. A Lamborghini, you name it. Perhaps something more classic is to your liking.

There are Düsseldorfs, vintage Rolls Royces and Mercedes Benzes or a Sunbeam 16 Saloon or the simpler yet elegant Bean P14 Tourer. With a little imagination and a bit more research, you can rent the wedding car for hire of your dreams.

Other options exist as well, for both the fiscally minded and the extravagant. If you wish to have a chauffeur, for instance, this is a fine choice, particularly in the vintage car department. The chauffeur will be dressed to suit the occasion and the car that he or she will drive.

Let's say the wedding car you have hired is a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud stretch Limousine. The chauffeur will therefore be dressed in classical wedding attire.

Is your taste more contemporary? Again, the chauffeur will be dressed to suit the mood of the day. You should expect nothing less than the best for your wedding.

Rather than driving in your vintage wedding car hire, save money by driving only far enough to be out of sight. A few blocks of driving will not break your piggy bank, yet will set the stage for a marriage that the couple will never forget.

Yet this too need not be the end to your bliss with a wedding car hire. The cars can be dressed up with everything from bows and ribbons to the more traditional garment of old shoes and tin cans trailing on the ground.

Inside the vehicle there will be an assortment of fine foods such as wines, champagnes, caviar, Brie and other and various cheeses.. Whatever your heart may desire.

For those longer journeys in a wedding car hire, one can really unbridle the imagination with more risqué applications. Use your imagination, but don't dismiss it too quickly without some thought.

With a little imagination and forethought, the wedding you are planning, along with the right car, will surely be nothing short of magical.

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