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» Bauer Car Hire Italy - Book online for hundreds of locations throughout Italy. Special online car hire rates and travel guide.

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Car Hire Abroad Terms:
  • Hotel - an establishment that provides paid lodging, usually on a short-term basis and especially for tourists.
  • Driver's license - UK, Hong Kong: driving licence; U.S.: driver's license or driver license; Canada, Australia, New Zealand: driver's licence) - an official document which states that a person has the necessary qualifications to operate a motorized vehicle, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or a bus.
  • Theme park - a themed amusement park. Examples include Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Six Flags, Coney Island, Knott's Berry Farm, Kings Island, Universal Studios Hollywood, Busch Gardens, Aqua Serena (Finland), Blackpool Pleasure Beach (England), Space World (Japan) and many more.
  • One way car hire - hiring a car to be returned to a rental agency at the destination, rather than returning the car to the original car hire destination.
  • Car hire pickup - a full valid driving licence and identification is required. Any age restrictions will be checked.

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