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  • Car Hire France from the car rental specialists, MyCarHire.

    Car Hire, Car Rentals, Car Hire France from the car rental specialists, MyCarHire. With locations in Paris, Calais, Strasbourg, Nice and hundreds of other locations we've got it covered. car hire ...

  • French car hire and rental in France

    French car hire - hire a car in France in association with auto-europe News page | About us | Email the site | Home Car Pick-up Points: Avignon Car Hire Bergerac Car Hire Biarritz Car Hire Bordeaux ...

  • Car Rental Canada France Ireland Italy UK - - Car ...

    Car Hire / Car Rental in Canada, France, Ireland, Italy and the UK. Great rental cars at all-inclusive rates. Airport or downtown. Book early and drive a bargain. Car rental / hire in Canada France ...

  • Carbookers

    ... Los Angeles, CA 1 day Car Hire £16 San Francisco, CA 1 day Car Hire £16 Orlando, FL 1 day Car Hire £16 France Bordeaux 1 day Car Hire £16 Nice 1 day Car Hire £16 Toulouse 1 day Car Hire £16 Great Britain ...

  • BaŁer Car Rental Germany - Germany Car Hire

    ... Car Hire France | Car Hire Germany | Car Hire Ireland | Car Hire Italy | Car Hire Portugal | Car Hire Spain | Car Hire UK | Car Hire World Wide

  • Car hire Las Vegas,Car Rental Orlando,Car Hire Las Vegas, Car Rental ...

    ... Car Hire France Car Hire Portugal Car Hire Spain Car Hire Malaga Car Hire Tenerife Car Hire Alicante Car Hire Florida Car Hire ...

  • Car Hire from JML

    ... on line / make a booking by clicking on the logo below Car hire in France We are a car rental business with offices in Nice, Antibes and ...

  • Great Value French Car Hire

    ... Sncf Station Car Hire Rental Car France - Your best source for great value car hire in France! Whatever the length of your stay, or what kind of vehicle you wish to drive ...

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  • Carry-on Luggage - smaller bag(s) of limited size and/or number that passengers are allowed to carry in an airplane.
  • Autobahn - the German word for a major high-speed road confined to motor vehicles and having full control of access, similar to a motorway or freeway in English-speaking countries.
  • Motorway - in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and some Commonwealth nations - both a type of road and a classification. Motorways are highways designed to carry a large volume of traffic where a normal road would not suffice or would be unsafe, usually between cities. In the UK they are predominantly dual-carriageway roads, usually with three lanes in each direction, although four-lane and two-lane carriageways are also common, and all have grade-separated access.
  • Uninsured driver - a person who chooses not to insure his or her car. Such a person is responsible for any damage he or she causes in an accident and is usually in violation of the law.
  • Resort - a place used for relaxation or recreation. As a result, people tend to seek out a resort for holidays or vacations. They are generally distinguished by a large selection of activities, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping.

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